Tina Ogle: About Me

This is a blog dedicated to examining and celebrating the best and worst of television. Personal bias will be shown and all views are my own.

I have been a journalist for almost 30 years and have written about television since the early 1990s. I was a TV critic for Time Out, writer at the Radio Times, drama script editor at the BBC and have contributed to publications from The Observer to the Daily Mail, the Saturday and Sunday Times, TV Times and The Independent.

I wrote a soap column for the Express Saturday Magazine but now confine my viewing to Coronation Street, a life-long love.

My all time favourite TV shows include NYPD Blue, Frasier, Father Ted, Brothers and Sisters and anything written by Graham Reid or Kay Mellor. There’s a hole in my life where BBC’s documentary strand 40 Minutes used to be and I wish there was more room in today’s TV world for one-off documentaries.

Constructive comments and suggestions very welcome. Is there anything better than talking about your favourite shows?

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