One is liable to pay a very high price for an illicit fifteen minutes on a sofa as factory boss Aidan realised tonight. Shifty didn’t even begin to cover his demeanour as he tried to side-step the fact that he schtupped Mad Maria in a moment of weakness. Girlfriend Eva veered wildly between suspicion and guilelessness as she tried to figure out what was going on. Let’s hope she continues to remain in the dark. After all, nobody wants Bambi to cry…

Elsewhere, Gary seemed to have picked up on Aidan’s mood as he mooched about trying to convince Izzy (and himself) that he still had feelings for Weatherfield’s answer to Howard Marks. Izzy’s no fool though and, faced with Smug Couples night at the Rovers’, she soon realised that Gary is hardly head over heels. Awkward conversation to come.

And it felt like panto season had come early as surely everyone watching shouted ‘Just tell him!’ at Leanne. The pain in her eyes as she watched Nick flirting with a customer was hard to bear. Confess about the baby love, you just never know.

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