Anyone monitoring the betting odds on the final wouldn’t have been a bit surprised to see Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison making an entitled lunge for the crown of twigs.

The surprisingly articulate winner of this year’s series couldn’t contain her joy at becoming Queen of the Jungle and it was hard not to share in that.

There won’t have been many who didn’t feel a little sorry for Ferne McCann though. The TOWIE stalwart had also shown herself to be a thoroughly nice girl albeit with a little less outward confidence than Queen Vicky. Let’s hope that coming in third will stay pay dividends as she seems thoroughly deserving.

And, George, ah George. He was such a pet that it was hard not to want to take him home and feed him up. With those looks and that beautifully sweet demeanour he is sure to go far in whatever direction takes his fancy.

So, it’s over for another year. The oldies didn’t acquit themselves terribly well, more helpless critters were butchered in the quest for our entertainment and Ant and Dec made us laugh like drains. Roll on next year.

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