So changed was the mood in the camp tonight that you half expected the remaining contestants to link arms and dance around singing ‘Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead’.

The departure of Lady C on ‘medical grounds’ seems to have freed just about everyone to let out a deep breath and enjoy themselves. The only exception to this was Kieron, her staunch defender, who was still feeling the after effects of losing both Lady C and Chris Eubank on the same day.

He soon rallied though, teasing Ferne and George about their budding relationship, but no-one, viewers included, was really buying into this reality TV fiction.

Jorgie was hilariously slow in the Bush Tucker trial, sending Ant and Dec as well as Kieron into fits of giggles. She’s lost out a lot since the arrival of Vicky and Ferne but still comes across as genuinely sweet.

And it was Duncan’s turn to take the slow walk across the bridge into the arms of his waiting girlfriend. She pounced on him in double quick time, no doubt desperate to get him away from the clutches of the reality totty who’d dubbed him a ‘jungle sort’. If Lady C was right about him being a ‘vain old goat’, she’d better hold on tight…

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