If you’re wondering what that whooshing noise is, it’s the sound of fourteen future careers being flushed down the toilet. In a world where employers rule out candidates for ever so slightly dodgy posts on social media, why oh why would people sign up to have their naked bodies judged on national television?

But they do, supposedly in a bid to find a new partner, and we get to see the results in C4’s brand new dating series fronted by swings both ways presenter Anna Richardson.

After the initial shock of being confronted by six bottom halves, the novelty soon wears off and it seems strangely normal to be judging the dangly bits of total strangers. And that can’t be right can it? While rejected candidates diligently trotted out rationales about what an ‘empowering experience’ it was, you could still see the fear and hurt in their eyes. One can only hope that the series offers psychological counselling both before and after people strip off for our supposed entertainment.

It’s a fine line between healthy taboo busting and naked exploitation; how those who expose themselves cope afterwards will be very telling.

And that other whirring noise? That’s Blind Date’s Cilla spinning in her grave…

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