Let’s face it, MIC isn’t always full of surprises. Fans of the show can usually see storylines coming from a mile away, even without the use of opera glasses. And yet geeky Francis Boulle’s return to the show, this time cast as a roue, has caused quite a few jaws to hit the floor.

Anyone who remembers his frankly creepy crush on his assistant a few series’ ago will be astonished to see him playing two lovely ladies against each other. The first is poor Toff, she of the cartoon character face and terrible judgement in men; the other is the far scarier Olivia.

Now let’s not forget that Olivia has already shagged Mitton on this little sojourn to the Riviera. But now she sees the Boulle hooking up with Toff, she’s suddenly decided she’s also interested. That’s not love or even lust, that’s simple pathological jealousy. The diamond heir is, of course, eating up this unexpected situation with a silver spoon, feeding the one half-truths while gazing longingly at the other. It won’t end well but what does he care. He’s worth £10 million and headed back to Africa after filming wraps. Oh to be young, stinking rich and without a conscience. Sigh.

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