Five days till our next installment from Weatherfield so we have to make do with this hour of stress and misery. Life’s not fair sometimes is it?

That’s a thought that seems to have been passing through Jason Grimshaw’s mind rather a lot lately. And, let’s face it, there’s a lot of room for it to bounce around in there. First his dad dies, then he’s in the frame for Callum’s murder, then his dead dad is. Jason struggles to process things at the best of times but his brow has been permanently furrowed of late. Once he finds out that Phelan has been working against him too, his face may collapse permanently inwards never to be seen again.

Still at least Callum is in the ground forever now, his funeral overseen by a very skittish Billy. Not that it seemed to do Sarah any good. She’s still wandering around auditioning for the Ghost of Christmas Past and talking nonsense to anyone who’ll listen. And the last of those seemed to be Lee, Billy’s druggie brother. Dum, dum, dum!

Even one of Mary’s batty monologues, a sub-plot about belly dancing and Sally’s wonky summerhouse failed to lift the mood. Let’s hope that Sunday’s episode brings better balance and maybe even a bit of resolution for somebody.

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