Another crazy premise leads to another compelling reality show if you’re interested in cute kids and dating that is.

Five single dads invite five women that they’ve only met online to move in with them and their children to see can they find love AND a suitable step-mother.

In this first episode we meet two such dads, Mike from Orlando and Jake, a Mormon from Salt Lake City. The star of the show this week is undoubtedly Mikey, Mike’s ridiculously cute 5-year-old son. He’s excited to meet Valene from New Jersey but also very, very nervous. So, not just cute but also very sensible. The chemistry when Mike and Valene eventually meet in person is sizzling to say the least but how will they balance mutual lust and a small child to take care of?

Facing an even bigger challenge is Amy, also from New Jersey. Can this Jewish girl find love with a divorced Mormon and forge a relationship with his three very different kids? It’s not looking likely which will almost certainly make you want to tune in next time. Watch out too for Jake’s very strident sister Michelle who doesn’t think any of this is a good idea at all (and isn’t afraid to say it).

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