There have previous series of this show in which the carefully chosen mismatched celebs settled down for one, long, grubby love-in. This, of course, proved terribly tedious for us viewers.

Knowing that there’s nothing like one God almighty argument to keep us glued, the producers have been very clever this year in constantly shifting the power and privilege amongst the contestants.

Nobody can rest their newly slimmed jungle arse on that red velour throne for too long and that makes everyone nervous. Throw in divisive tasks and Lady C and you have the recipe for a three-week kick off.

Thus it was that tensions reached feverpitch last night when Lady C, Chris and Kieron returned from the Jungle Boutique Hotel. Incensed that Tony and Jorgie had refused to be their servants, Lady C set about telling everyone EXACTLY what she thought of them.

It has to be said that while this would obviously be hell to be on the other end of, it was HUGELY entertaining. And in many cases she was surely voicing what the viewers were thinking.

Calling Brian a ‘self important little runt’ and Duncan a ‘vain old goat’ might have ruffled feathers in the camp but back at home there had to be lots of us yelping in agreement. She may seem impervious to what others think about her but the waspish one is playing a very clever game.


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