In a neat little episode without too much high drama it was Norris’ grasp of celebrity gossip that made us gasp the most. When he’s not flogging things on Weatherdealer, he obviously has his nose buried deep in the celebrity magazines. It’s a lovely image and one we will treasure for a long time. Who knows? Perhaps when fashion forward Gemma wins the Good Samaritan Award, he can accompany her on the inevitable photo shoot with Peter Andre. If the Australian orange one thought Katie Price was high maintenance, he’ll be in for an even bigger shock when he meets the Cobbles’ Queen of Kebabs. Heaven is in the anticipation eh?

Elsewhere, a lovelorn Leanne is still refusing to confess her feelings to a clearly confused Nick. But as she curtly explained it to Liz, when you’re knocked up with Steve McDonald’s baby, you don’t really have a lot of options. It looks like she’s going to make a bid for freedom – we only hope true love intervenes and stops her in time.

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