Boom Bang A Bang

'I think there's something wrong with him. More than just his personality.' Celebrity Big Brother contestant Aubrey O'Day says what we're all thinking about Heavy D, the man who says 'boom'. A lot.

Kylie The Realist

'It's a murder investigation, not 60 Minute Makeover.' Kylie Platt responds to husband David's concerns about the untidiness of the house after a police search in Coronation Street.

Booby Trap

'Your boobs have no jurisdiction here!' Never a truer statement has come from the lips of Made In Chelsea's Ollie Locke. Poor Stephanie pouting in a male gay bar. Just not her series really.

Fantastic Frasier

'Oh Niles. To you a sketchy neighbourhood is when the cheese shop doesn't have valet parking.' Still brilliant after all these years, Marty responds to Niles' fears in Frasier.

Rural Bliss

'I hope all the men have heads like spuds and conversation stops as soon as you walk into the pub.' Kate Connor has a great grasp of village life in Coronation Street.

The Truth Hurts

'You look like a satellite dish.' Made In Chelsea's Richard tells flatmate Ollie exactly what he thinks of him as he's mid highlights at the hairdresser.

Greased Lightning

'It's difficult when you're pitching a product and their hands are so greasy.' Apprentice candidate Richard attempt to explain his lack of sales.

Jungle Gems

'This is not something to recommend but then I've never liked arses' Lady Colin Campbell's response to eating crocodile anus on I'm A Celebrity.

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